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Protect the Boss Episode 5 Recap

Ooohhh, smoochies! And a non ambiguous declaration. And some godly God Moo Won vulnerability. And smoochies! Yep, this episode went all out on the romantic angle. Am I more convinced that the OTP is an actual OTP? Not sure, but I do find both halves of it adorable. More importantly, dibs on Moo Won. And yes, I know it doesn’t work that way but I’m still calling to get it out of my system. Now Na Yoon can come and use the skills she picked up in self defense class to kick my ass.

With Ji Heon impressing everyone with his presentation, it’s time for daddy to rejoice and run his “I told you so” victory lap. Except when you try to immaturely boast to your equally immature sister in law, you generally end up with a stiletto stuck in your foot. Okay, so maybe that’s not always the case but it certainly is here.

Turns out Eun Seol had gotten the videoconferencing idea that morning, had run to wake Ji Heon up, literally kicked his ass out of bed(and saw he was wearing the shorts she’d given him) and dragged him to the media center his former secretary had set up. The presentation is a complete success, but this means Moo Won came out on the losing end today and that means mommy isn’t pleased and lets him know of this disappointment. Moo Won seems impassible at first but as it will later turn out, the words really affect him. At the other end, it’s time for the winning team’s congratulatory hugs, except in light of last night’s confession, awkwardness abounds.

Ji Heon has to attend a meeting but doesn’t want to and only agrees to do it after Eun Seol asks him, to the disbelief of his former secretary who had never gotten a positive answer to such a request. On top of that, he asks Eun Seol to take it easy and go home to rest, seeing as she had been up all night. Her R&R plans get cancelled when Moo Won, on his way out of the office, gets to witness her victory dance (complete with unrestrained waving and pelvic thrusts) and asks her to grab lunch. But when they go to lunch, it turns out he’s not in the best of moods and really needs a friend to talk to. Moo Won, you can cry on my shoulder all night long. *ahem* He confesses that he got scolded and Eun Seol offers to beat up the person in question, until he says that it was his mother, putting the ass kicking out of the question.

Moo Won continues that he’s always tried his best and doesn’t know how to handle the fact that whatever he might be doing isn’t good enough anymore. Eun Seol tells him that it’s a matter of balancing expectations, which leads him to conclude that he’s been too good all this time. Moo Won, that’s so true. If only you knew how fiiine you really are. As a result of their discussion, Moo Won plans to stage a rebellion, except he doesn’t know how to go about it and asks Eun Seol to coach him through it. So cute! Do I offer to be his naughtiness coach or is that too obvious? *slaps self* Down, Silver.

At first Moo Won is reluctant to follow Eun Seol around, worrying about his reputation and pointing out that there are those calling him a prince of the financial world on Twitter. Oh my god, you mean to tell me that there actually are finance geeks fangirling over other finance geeks… on Twitter? BAHAHA! Yes, I know it’s not that unheard of, but it’s hilarious to me all the same. This whole thing reminds Eun Seol of his cousin, making her conclude that they aren’t so different after all.

Once he gets over his princely inhibitions, however, Moo Won and Eun Seol have a great time, goofing around and going to a concert and drinking beer on the sidewalk.

Looks like Ji Heon is on drunken daddy duty tonight, after his successful presentation had made his father have one too many. But carrying him to bed does have its perks because the Chairman says that he’s willing to forget about Eun Seol and secretary Kim’s involvement in the night club scandal. Ji Heon tells his father that he will forget what he promised when he sobers up, but daddy CEO claims that if he were to forget, he will call himself Ji Heon’s son. Oh man, please let him forget! Daddy’s drunken ramblings reveal a bit of back story as well, hinting at the fact that Ji Heon’s strained relationship with him is because the son doesn’t want to betray his mother. Wow, daddy, what did you do to make the kid think he has to choose, huh? And also, now that I think about it, to get ninja grandma on Ji Heon’s side?

In his room, Ji Heon wants to text Eun Seol but remembers he sent her to sleep and doesn’t want to disturb her. To his delight, he gets a call from her, but his delight turns sour when he hears her request to help her take a drunken Moo Won home. I know Ji Heon is supposed to be the star of the day, but then why does he get stuck pulling drunky retrieval duty? He gets to where Eun Seol and Moo Won are in a hurry and just in time to see Moo Won pet Eun Seol’s head. This gets him to call dibs on her head and to then ask Eun Seol if he wants to seduce Moo Won, which she fully denies, obviously. I know it’s immature and ridiculous (and potentially offensive in a different context), but I do love it whenever Ji Heon calls Eun Seol or parts of Eun Seol his. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t come from a macho overbearing sort of place but more from a childish favorite toy sort of place, and that makes it cute instead of irritating.

After taking a passed out Moo Won home and being accused by his mother of dragging him down to his level, Ji Heon takes Eun Seol home as well. As punishment for hanging out with Moo Won, he leaves the car window open even when she tries closing it, because, you know, that’s what you do when you have the maturity of an embryo. When they reach destination, he follows her and asks her if she actually likes Moo Won. Eun Seol retorts that she had wanted to ignore the situation but now that he’s insisting in his jealousy, she has to ask, does he like her? His first reaction is to ask “what, am I crazy?” (um… yes?), then of course comes the “have you looked at yourself? You’re ugly and unkempt and do embarrassing things!” but then, when she asks him again, he replies with a wonderfully disarming “choa”. Oh my god, I know this is in many ways the typical Darcy declaration where one states the shortcomings of the person they like and how miserable they are for liking them and then eventually confess that they do in fact like them, but this is at the same time so different because of the way this character has been sketched so far. It somehow manages to seem like it’s coming from a completely different place than the classic arrogant superiority. Not unlike the instances when he calls her his own, this is more childish than anything else. I mean sure, he’s a chaebol heir and he knows it, but he also knows that she’s seen him at his most vulnerable and he’s not afraid to be that way in front of her, which really makes all the difference. And when she rejects him by saying he should regain the sanity he lost when he went crazy for her… well… not heartbreak exactly but… heart crack?

But then as she begins explaining the reasons why they can’t be together, the damage it would do to her reputation and the blow it would give the career she is so painstakingly trying to build, I start both respecting her and feeling for her. And then, when she tells him that it would be damaging to him as well, adding to an already bad reputation, well, to tell that to a guy even if you didn’t like him, it can’t be pleasant, let alone telling it to a guy you obviously have some sort of feelings for. I love how compelling this scene is beneath the silly surface. The show has shown hints of the heart it hides underneath the goofball exterior, but in this episode it really let it shine for its audience. From Moo Won’s moment of vulnerability, to daddy CEO’s moments of pride and guilt/regret, to Ji Heon’s candid confession and to Eun Seol’s down to earth rejection of his feelings, we got to see past whatever we’ve been seeing so far of these characters and it’s something of a treat. Ji Heon doesn’t take the rejection or the explanation very well, and he says he won’t give up, until Eun Seol threatens him that she will quit unless he relents. Upon hearing such a dreadful threat, he promises to think about the situation more clearly.

Back home, Eun Seol hugs Myeong Ran wonder what to do, while Ji Heon is at home throwing darts at her cutout saying that he refuses to think about letting go of her. Afterwards, he puts band aids on the cutout and I don’t know what’s funnier, the fact that he does this or the fact that he actually has Hello Kitty band aids on hand. Then he talks to the patched up cutout, telling it she has to reconsider, in a Scarlett O’Hara –reminiscent “tomorrow is another day” moment.

The next morning Moo Won wakes up to the consequences of his little rebellion, a killer hangover and the memories of patting Eun Seol’s head and throwing up in the bushes. Aw, poor embarrassed prince of the financial world. Ji Heon and Eun Seol however, are both going through their wardrobes trying to figure out what they should wear today. Ji Heon is going for the dashing look, while Eun Seol is, by all indications, looking for the office attire equivalent of granny panties. The next days at the office are spent with Eun Seol trying to avoid Ji Heon and him trying to impress her from a distance with the seductive power of his bowties. Eventually, Ji Heon realizes that the job is way too important to Eun Seol to just quit and calls her bluff, adding some conditions of his own to their arrangement, now that the wheel has turned.

Meanwhile, the sister in law is gathering evidence about the Chairman and Ji Heon, while Na Yoon’s mother is having Eun Seol and her father followed. Hilariously, when the investigator sends pictures of Eun Seol’s father setting traps in the woods, they think it’s just a random picture taken off the road.

Later on, Na Yoon tries to speak to Eun Seol about staying away from Ji Heon but ends up only being more aggravated when Eun Seol compares their work situations – two women who don’t want to look like they haven’t earned their respective positions. In consequence, she goes to see daddy CEO in an attempt to get him to get rid of Eun Seol, except this backfires on her as well. As a side note, I love how daddy always does his community service wearing his suit, on top of which he wears whatever protective gear the job in question requires.

At home, Eun Seol and Myong Ran discuss the romantic entanglement, realizing that Eun Seol is finding herself at the top of the romantic food chain and that everything rests on who she likes. But she replies she likes herself, which is like… awesome, if it wasn’t a cover.

The next day, daddy asks Eun Seol to keep helping Ji Heon get on track, and by ask I mean threaten, bribe and play the I have to do community service because of you guilt card. She agrees to his request to maintain a close proximity to Ji Heon, but keeps thinking about all the potential complications that might arise. Her complex thoughts are interrupted on her bus ride home, when she becomes the victim of a bus pervert. Not one to just silently take this type of offense, Eun Seol roughs him up a little, which lands them both at the police station, with the pervert claiming to having been victimized. With nobody else to call to bail Eun Seol out, Ms. Wrestler calls Ji Heon, just in time too, because he was beginning to regret not going to work and thus not being able to see Eun Seol that day. Ji Heon rushes to the police station, ready to teach the creep that had dared touch Eun Seol’s butt a lesson. He pays the settlement fee, and then some, just so he can get to punch the guy as well, but then the pervert punches him back and it’s once again left to Eun Seol to settle the score. Ji Heon may have all the rescuing instincts of the gallant knight, but he’s lacking all the skills, well, aside from the loaded wallet, which really is most of what other modern day chaebol rescuers employ these days anyway, so yeah, scratch that. Ji Heon, you are such a heroic little chaebol.

Eun Seol tells him that she will think over his dating request, in exchange for his return to work. Aw, if only you knew how close he came to caving. Darn. However, she does have a few conditions, one of which stating that he will submit himself to her intensive plan of turning him into the business man he should be. He agrees, half relieved that she had called uncle before he had to.

Over at the Cha home, grandma finds out that her favorite car has gone missing, and sure enough, it turns out it has taken the road of her leather shoes. Before getting to Eun Seol’s house, Ji Heon excitedly calls Moo Won to let him know that he and Eun Seol will be very busy from now on and that he should stop bothering her. Eun Seol is less than pleased with the car offering, but ends up having to concede that if her boss wants her to use it, there’s little she can do about it. He asks that she take him home, now that he is wheel-less, and she does, trying to return the car again when they get there. Ji Heon will have none of it and instead asks her to come inside offering to share information on his condition. What’s a doting secretary to do but go in?

While Ji Heon and Eun Seol are busy getting to the bottom of Ji Heon’s panic attacks, Na Yoon is drowning her sorrows in a bar, where Moo Won finds her. She fills him in on the whole picture spying situation their mothers have going and claims there is nothing she can do about it either way. Na Yoon whines about how pitiful she is feeling because of how the Cha family members are treating her, and Moo Won says that despite his rejection of their arranged marriage he doesn’t see her that way, it’s just that he doesn’t want a loveless match – however, if she came to him with an open heart, he’d reconsider. Driving her home, he tells her to get Ji Heon out of her system and come back to him, and then he breaks my poor adoring heart by kissing her.

At the same time, back in Ji Heon’s room, he and Eun Seol are looking up information on his condition, an activity that gets them pretty close to one another. Ji Heon takes the opportunity and plants a kiss of Eun Seol.

Wow, kissage galore, and this early in the show too! Makes me wonder what they’ll do next, and who’ll be kissing who, you know, to keep up the pace.

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