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Protect the Boss Episode 4 Recap

The pieces of the puzzle begin slowly moving into pace, and most importantly, the tension begins to build, whether it’s romantic or business related, the stakes are being raised. It’s all been pretty non-committal so far, but with daddy’s job/honor on the line and Ji Heon’s confession in the open, it’s going to get pretty hard to keep playing the game without siding with one of the teams.

After Moo Won and Na Yoon see Ji Heon and Eun Seol at the amusement park, Eun Seol unknowingly adds insult to injury when in her hurry to get back to Ji Heon, she bumps into Na Yoon, smearing the ice cream she was carrying on her blouse. Na Yoon gets pissed off and charges at Eun Seol carrying her ice cream like a knight carries his spear in a tournament. I mean if this was a cartoon, you’d be seeing smoke coming out of her ears and you’d be hearing cheers from a blood-starved crowd. She shoves the ice cream onto Eun Seol’s butt, much to the surprise of everyone present. Moo Won approaches to see what’s going on, innocently carrying his own ice cream, which Eun Seol “borrows” promising she’ll buy him a new one, and shoves onto Na Yoon’s butt, according to that old saying, “a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye, an ice cream on my butt, an ice cream on your butt”. They reach a consensus that it was intentional and both women go to the bathroom to get themselves cleaned up. This gives Na Yoon the opportunity to ask Eun Seol about her family, in an attempt to go the “my daddy pwns your daddy” route, except Eun Seol’s reply is a tad too disarming for her to get to do that. Na Yoon also mentions that she’s very tight with Eun Seol’s boss, so she might as well comply with her orders, to which Eun Seol pretty much replies with a “you’re no boss of mine, biatch!” except more polite.

Ji Heon and Moo Won talk about the way Eun Seol had caused Na Yoon to become jealous and act that way. Ji Heon downplays Eun Seol’s merits and his attachment to her, so when Na Yoon comes back and demands his attention, Moo Won takes advantage of Ji Heon’s dismissive attitude towards Eun Seol and snatches her away, claiming she has a debt to repay. Haha, sneaky, sneaky Moo Won. Bummer for Ji Heon, but as we all know, you can’t say you don’t like your cake and eat it too.

Back at the Cha household, daddy receives a report on his son’s activities for the day and is spied on by grandma, who then gets accused of being a ninja – I was beginning to suspect that myself. When the CEO finds out about Na Yoon’s recent return and involvement in the company, he goes to ask Ji Heon about it, only his answer exasperates him and he takes his frustration out on the EUn Seol cutout, to Ji Heon’s dismay. As he is trying to fix it, decrying the condition to which it had been reduced, he flashes back to Na Yoon’s earlier accusation of liking his secretary. At first he thinks it impossible, but then – epiphany!(ish)

Turns out Moo Won and Eun Seol had a great time at the amusement park, going on rides and goofing around, but the highlight of the day was definitely when Jaejoong’s… err… Moo Won’s shirt got wet from a water ride, causing Eun Seol to get all flustered upon noticing and him to ask her if it bothered her. She replied that she actually liked it(my thoughts exactly), not intending it that way but hey… Freudian slips happen to the best of us. That night she has trouble sleeping, thinking back on the day and on how he might think her a pervert for ogling his… shirt. Her roommate is bothered by the commotion and asks her if she likes him, to which Eun Seol replies that not only does she like him but to her, his existence is on par with that of Hyun Bin and Won Bin, god-like but untouchable. Her roommate scoffs at her patheticalness and I scoff because I’ve already seen episode 6.

The next day, Eun Seol arrives to pick up her boss, one shoe short after leaving it on a crowded buss. Who knows what unsuspecting stranger will pick it up and fall under her Cinderella curse? Ji Heon thanks her for showing up wearing a garbage bag around her shoeless foot because it just confirmed he couldn’t possibly like her, but then he directs her to his grandma’s shoe cabinet telling her to pick a pair she likes. This guy’s consistency is killing me.

In light of a news release mama Moo Won was behind, everyone is aware that Ji Heon is the intended heir of daddy CEO. This was meant to preemptively cause uproar amidst the stockholders for the incompetent future of the company. As a result, reporters are gathered in front of the office building, and when Eun Seol gets out of the car, they push her away so they can get to Ji Heon. He gets pissed off by this offense to his secretary and tells them to back off. They go into the building and he checks to see if she’s alright, but pretty much in the same way as he would his cardboard cutout or a puppet, hilariously verifying her limb mobility. Except proximity to his cardboard cutout doesn’t get him quite as flustered so he quickly backs away, being in “I have no feelings for my secretary” mode. But her saying he was rather dashing handling the reporters brings him back to “I really like my secretary” mode, only that means all his hard work convincing himself of the contrary had been in vain. You can actually see the thought ball ping-ponging in this guy’s head. Yes! No! Yes! NO! YES! HUHWHAT? “You can’t entice me, No Eun Seol!” Of course not.

Everyone in the office is talking about Ji Heon’s appointment as successor and seeing him in a less than positive light. Eun Seol tries to defend him but ends up being accused of having an inappropriate relationship with him, which leads her to excuse herself by saying she doesn’t see him as a man at all. Of course, he listens in on the conversation and gets all worked up about it, so when Eun Seol comes into his office, he tries to test her out and see if she really is as unattracted to him as she claims to be. He pushes her against the wall (Rawr!) and asks her how come she’s bothered since he isn’t a man anyway, but it quickly becomes obvious that they are both feeling some feelings of some kind, so just as the atmosphere is about to get really charged, she headbutts him away and then locks his arm behind his back, accidentally pulling him towards her again (Rawr?). Realizing the end and the means don’t quite match up, she pushes him away again, this time for good, and sets him straight about office conduct, except he’s too far gone into Rawr-ville to actually listen.

Eun Seol goes up to the roof to vent some of her Ji Heon anger by kicking some conveniently placed cans, but unbeknownst to her, Moo Won and Na Yoon are up there discussing their arranged marriage. Moo Won says he doesn’t want their (loveless) marriage either to Na Yoon’s disgruntled shock. Unfortunately, one of Eun Seol’s cans of frustration lands squarely on Na Yoon’s forehead, adding some physical pain to the bruise on her ego. Eun Seol offers apologies and her forehead (to be hit) as retribution, sending God Moo Won into a fit of laughter, which makes Na Yoon feel even more miserable and sends her running to enlist in a self defense course, but more on that later.

Ji Heon goes back home to find his grandmother demanding that the dog give her leather shoes back. Realizing that the dog was more or less willingly taking the fall for him, Ji Heon sneaks into his room where he can abandon himself to the thoughts of not liking his secretary. But since he always comes up on the losing (secretary liking) side of the equation, he throws himself into work, just in time for his father to spy on him and to run to ninja-grandma to report that he did not raise a disgrace after all.

The next day, driven by fatherly pride, Chairman Cha supports Ji Heon as his heir in front of the entire administrative board, only to be met with opposition from his sister in law (I have got to find a good nickname for her), but then, when he says he will stake his job on Ji Heon’s success in proving he can run the business, the sister in law turns it around on him, turning his proposal from a manner-of-speaking thing to a definite. Turns out, both daddy and Ji Heon’s jobs are now riding on his success. But hey, no pressure.

Also, is it just me or is there some weird non-business tension between daddy CEO and sister-in-law? Because she gets a liiiitle too irked when he calls her by her name, and they apparently had been friends before she married into the family. So… past fling? ‘twould certainly add an interesting dimension to the whole my son is better than your son, my management skills are better than your management skills thing they have going.

Ji Heon and Eun Seol are working together to prepare the presentation that’s meant to tell the world daddy CEO wasn’t wrong in trusting his son, and I have to say, the setup looks mighty cozy. I mean, if Ji Heon hadn’t fallen for her before, he’d be pretty much hopeless right now. Eventually, it’s this collaboration (obviously) that gives Ji Heon his much needed face-saving (and business saving) epiphany. However, by this time, Eun Seol has already fallen asleep, giving Ji Heon a chance to look at her all lovey dovey (and I dare say, does he have a heart melting lovey dovey stare or what? I mean he might be a walking broccoli-haired psych encyclopedia but boy, can he starry-eyed stare). He moves her into a more comfortable position and covers her with his jacket, noting that few bosses would do that for their employees. Yes, give yourself a pat on the back while you’re at it, you boss of bosses, you. But I have to admit the crazy vs. cool balance is starting to a’tilt!

When Eun Seol wakes up, Ji Heon has already completed his presentation. She praises his hard work and he boasts about being able to do anything if he sets his mind to it. Where have I heard this before? Oh yes, you might be your father’s son after all, Ji Heon-ah.

Eun Seol returns God Moo Won’s jacket to him and earns a lunch invitation in the process. She calls to ask Ji Heon if she can go, conveniently leaving out whom she is having lunch with. In the meanwhile Ji Heon is having a business lunch with Na Yoon, but when he gets up to leave, having concluded the business part of the program, she once again threatens to make a scene to get him to stay. Unfortunately what worked at the amusement park isn’t working anymore and Ji Heon coldly tells her that he’s over her. Ouch. But just as he heads back to the office, he spots Eun Seol and Moo Won inside a restaurant. He calls her to ask if she isn’t having lunch with his nemesis, Moo Won, by any chance. Caught red handed, she avoids a direct answer and pretends the connection is getting cut off, as Ji Heon is looking at them from the other side of the window. I wonder what makes a guy who needs to use sanitizer after a simple handshake stick his face and hands onto a restaurant window, but I guess he must be the on and off kind of crazy. That, or, you know, forget sanitizer, he has the power of love protecting him from bacteria now.

Moo Won suggests that they ignore him, though being his cousin, he should know that’s not a feasible plan. Ji Heon calls Eun Seol but Moo Won asks her to pass him the phone and sets Ji Heon straight. Ha. As if! Ji Heon goes into the restaurant just as the last fourth of this wacky square, Na Yoon, catches up with him, set on venting some of her own frustration. Ji Heon eventually manages to stake his claim on Eun Seol and interrupt the lunch, but Moo Won isn’t about to let him have this victory and says that he and Eun Seol will have two meals together as payback for the ruined one. Hahaha, poor Ji Heon, I wonder how many windows he will have to stick to at this rate.

The victory is short lived for Ji Heon, who learns from his father than on top of coming up with a proposal, he has to present it in front of the board. He tries to prepare but all he can do is imagine himself panicking. After all the hard work, this does not bode well. Wanting to quit, he shares his plan with Eun Seol. In response, Eun Seol decides to get him drunk – is this an attempt to out-hangover his panic attacks? Either way, her therapy also includes some punching so I’m not sure who this is meant to be therapeutic to, but it sure is funny. He confesses that he can’t speak in public; she confesses that she already knows about it and together they try to come up with a plan but mostly only manage to get drunk. The getting drunk also brings forth another interesting development in the form of a love confession. Well, if being compared to a rock having lodged into one’s emotional center sounds at all romantic. But at least it’s ambiguous enough to ignore, which Eun Seol is more than willing (if unable) to do.

The next day, the presentation is set to begin but Ji Heon is nowhere to be found. This puts everybody that has been in his favor, meaning daddy CEO, in a very sticky spot, and everyone who has been against him, in scoffing position. But surprise, surprise, just as they are about to reschedule his presentation, Eun Seol walks in requesting their attention. Within seconds, we get to see Ji Heon’s face on the screen, ready to video conference his presentation from a safe distance. The day, it has been saved!

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