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You’ve Fallen for Me Episode 12 SnapCap

Aaaand we’re back with the cute! This episode had a lot going on, perhaps a bit too much for its sake, but there was a lot of lovey dovey adorableness and a lot of forward movement for our OTP so who am I to complain? Unfortunately the episode cut is obviously affecting the flow of the show, and felt a little anticlimactic in view of last week’s dramatic setup. But considering everything, I am guessing this was the lesser of two evils, and I am glad they decided to sacrifice the development of the moderate-level dramatic obstacle in (I hope) favor of the biggie, because rushing the resolution of the big issue(and it seems like they will be going with the parents vs. kids hooking up angle for this one) that is usually resolved in or prior to the finale would give the drama no closure. Like this, I am more than willing to take one for the team and not mind the fact that the great conspiracy pretty much fizzled and had the two evil doers jump at each other’s necks, allowing our heroes to mope and go fishing instead of, say, kicking some drama professor ass.

After Shin holds Kyu Won in his arms for the first time and pleads with her not to go, she ends up accepting and staying with him. She is still concerned about everything going on back at school and asks Shin how come he isn’t, but Shin replies that he does in fact care; it’s just that he cares about her more. I love that he’s becoming more and more vocal about how he feels about her. Kyu Won perks up upon hearing about his motives and since the day was young and they still had some time to lose, she goes into a store that sells many a random thing but most especially, some phone accessories that just so happen to be musician bears. They catch Kyu Won’s eye, and after some teasing about couple accessories and couple t-shirts(which Shin still claims he doesn’t do), they each get one that plays their respective instruments. Aww, so cute. If the last scene of this drama is Shin and Kyu Won walking hand in hand wearing couple tees, I will declare myself happy (and amused). Also, are the little bears the same as the big bear that Kyu Won has in her room and was punching thinking of Shin?

Back at school, talk of the director’s resignation makes Joon Hee feel more and more guilty and miserable, while Suk Hyun decides to drown his sorrows at Catharsis. Joon Hee shows up just in time to watch Suk Hyun get drunk, and Shin shows up just in time to help carry him home, which levels things between them in a “you took my first love away from me but I helped carry you when you were drunk” sort of way. No, that doesn’t sound like it would work to me either, but regardless, Shin seems to have stopped feeling so competitive towards Suk Hyun, which helps matters. Then again, the lessened tension might simply be a result of them not meeting all that much this episode, so we might yet see these two battle it out. The next morning, Yoon Soo tries to get Suk Hyun to go back but he refuses and instead goes fishing while I go and cry in a corner, realizing that sending him fishing is probably a way to give him something to do in lieu of the scenes that belonged to a more logical resolution of episode 11’s conflict that had to be sacrificed because of the episode cut.

The next morning, Shin waits for Kyu Won in front of her house only to find out from grandpa that she had already left for school. Kyu Won tries finding the director only to find a locked door, but then bumps into Yoon Soo, who initially indirectly blames Kyu Won for Suk Hyun’s resignation but then decides to not be a monumental bitch and says doing something like that is just a part of who he is. Whew, I was afraid I’d have to go back to disliking Yoon Soo if she’d actually made Kyu Won feel bad about the whole thing.

Shin eventually meets Kyu Won, just in time to help fend away the Scene Stealers, but unfortunately he can’t prevent Frustrato-guy from abusing his newly gained power and telling her she won’t be needed as understudy anymore, along with a few other nasty things he seems to have wanted to be able to say in forever. Kyu Won pretends to be unaffected and sends Shin to practice, but ends up on the roof, crying by herself. Shin suspects something’s amiss and begins to look for her, but unable to find her, he puts the fact that he’s an awesome musician (and boyfriend) and the school’s broadcasting system to good use and sings a comfort song for Kyu Won. I knew having a musician boyfriend had its perks, and this is not the first time he sang to her, but…but…show, have mercy on me ‘sploding heart! Shin, dear, if it doesn’t work out with Kyu Won, call me, okay?

She hears the song and stops crying. I mean, how could anyone cry hearing that voice? And to know he’s singing just for her? *squeal* On her way down from the roof, Kyu Won runs into Shin, who asks if his song comforted her, and hugs her for good measure. And by now I am sure the show’s true conspiracy is to try and send me into a giggle’n squeal frenzy. It’s fine, show, I don’t mind. Bring it on! I can squeal and giggle with the best of them!

Later on, the two bands practice the awesomely sounding song Shin rearranged. I love how their mid- practice stares have become confident now, and it makes me think back at the tentative stolen glances and mixed feelings of episodes past. And what I loved even more was the fact that after the song was finished and everyone was telling Shin how good it was, he looked at her, wanting to know what she thought, and his face lit up when she gave him the thumbs up. Wee!

In the meanwhile, Shin’s sister, not one to be pushed out of a business she so painstakingly built up, tries to stir up trouble for the two and goes to grandpa to tell him about the rumors involving Kyu Won and the director. Grandpa is not pleased, so he calls Kyu Won and scolds her about it, as the whole gang can hear her attempts to explain. Seeing Kyu Won is even in trouble with her grandfather now, Joon Hee can’t stand it any longer and gets down on his knees to beg Kyu Won’s forgiveness and confess to his lie. Everyone in the gang is shocked and angry with Joon Hee, but Bo Woon stands by him and comforts him. First thing: awww, could this boy be any more adorable? And second: how can he not notice how awesome Bo Woon would be for him?! Please, drama gods, powers that be, random guy in the scriptwriters room, make them a couple, I beg of you! I will be a good girl, eat all my cereal, watch dramas regularly and fangirl, squeal and giggle in moderation, but please don’t let our poor drummer end up with Hee Joo!

Hearing that the wrath of gramps is upon Kyu Won, Shin offers to go with her and explain the situation but when they get there and try to explain, Shin ends up being sentenced to hear grandpa’s life story on a regular basis. But of course, Shin wouldn’t be Shin if he didn’t think of a mischievous way out of the sticky situation, and begins thinking of substitutes for his lessons, the candidates being Bo Woon and Joon Hee. Finally he decides on Joon Hee because he has to pay for lying to them about Hee Joo. Haha, I love Shin’s sense of retribution. But more than that, I love the idea of Joon Hee-gramps interaction, because it’s either going to be catastrophically hilarious, or the beginning of an age gap-defying bromance, both of which would be fantastic.

As it turns out, the sponsors don’t like the idea of a show without Suk Hyun, so he is asked to return. This works in Hee Joo and her mom’s favor, since they weren’t happy with the director’s departure from the show even though they had orchestrated it. It also seems that they are fine with Kyu Won being in the show, since after all, she’s just an understudy and Hee Joo is the real leading lady. All valid points, but wasn’t that the case BEFORE the whole scandal? It also appears that Hee Joo’s voice loss problem isn’t as temporary or as easily treated as she thought it would be, so this means more evil to come to cover this up from our least favorite duo and a valid reason for Kyu Won to take the stage without looking like a back stabbing part stealer who is favored by the director. It all works out for the best, don’t you think? Also, Model Mom and Frustrato-guy are more and more at odds with each other, which I would care about more, except I don’t since a good chunk of conflict has been cut out, so I’ll just let them play in their sand box like good (bad) little kiddies and go back to my swooning over how awesome Shin is.

So yes, Shin. He realizes by looking at the pictures he took on Jeju Island that the girl who had caught his eye back then had been none other than Kyu Won. The next morning, he helps her get her still wheel-less travel bag up on the bus, which makes her flash back to the time he helped her the same way on Jeju. They talk about it and about how they were fated to be, only to be interrupted by an expectedly inopportune Kyu Won. I love the running jokes in this drama, like Bo Woon’s interruptions, grandpa likening Shin to himself, Joon Hee’s little quirks, it gives everything such a warm feel, a cohesion and a level of complicity and closeness to the viewer not many dramas have.

Suk Hyun’s return to the directorial chair is welcomed by all members of the cast, and is cause for a slumber party-like training workshop for the entire team. They all tell ghost stories, the guys even dress up as ghosts for girl-frightening purposes, and we find out that Shin is too cool for mask-wearing, too cool for sports(as shown the morning after) and too cool not to be embarrassed by his adorable phone accessory. Oh, Shin, you big geek, do you actually think there’s anyone left who isn’t on to you? But that’s okay, pretending not to be a geek is sho cuuuuute! Eventually the girls and boys all meet up and get scared at each other, which causes them to run away. Shin and Kyu Won however have better things to do, and after Shin finds Kyu Won wandering the hallways, he “kidnaps” her and takes her to the roof, where he shows her the necklace he had gotten Yoon Soo and then throws it away. I am so glad he did this. I was secretly hoping she would somehow find out he had discarded it, but him actually making the gesture in front of her, and in this established context? Total heart melt! Because he did it so unceremoniously and just threw it away, and because he did so after realizing she had been the girl at Jeju Island, so it’s like saying he knows it was meant to be her all along. And that… would almost be enough, but he also goes and back-hugs her, which makes the moment perfect times 100. I LOVE the back hug because he feels so comfortable doing it, much like the stares in the practice room earlier, that have a certain sense of entitlement to them because they have grown more comfortable with each other and their relationship. *sigh**swoon**wide eyed dreaming*

The episode ends on the news that the show has been canceled. I know this is supposed to be a shock, but right now I am more bothered by the looming threat of the parents getting together and messing things up for our perfect couple. Meh, I’m not too excited at the parents love becoming a main issue, but I trust the production team to handle it well, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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