You’ve Fallen for Me Episode 10 Big Recap

Oh Episode 10, how I love your sugary goodness. It’s like eating cotton candy and taking a walk in the park on a warm summer day. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and love is in the air. Our couple is finally a couple, and what a beautiful, happy couple they are. I could sit and watch these two be cute together all day long.

As the episode begins we can see that where Shin is concerned, the second time is a charm in getting his point across about wanting Kyu Won to like him again. We cut to Kyu Won preparing to go to school the morning after returning from the MT and grandpa, along with dad (who apparently has some business in Seoul) are fussing over her and worrying about her health. A similar sort of agitation is going on at Shin’s house. Shin’s mother is looking for him but the sister tells her he’s already left for the morning. What, without his bike, the mother asks. Well, if we are to be technical about it, Shin hadn’t exactly left; he was standing in front of Kyu Won’s house. And the reason he hadn’t taken his bike was because it would have cramped his hand-holding style. But more on that later.

Kyu Won is surprised to see Shin waiting for her and they share a moment of sweet awkwardness that I just want to frame and put on a wall somewhere (yes, my finger went berserk with the screencapping). Trying to ease the tension or just being Lee Shin, Shin extends his hand to Kyu Won. Kyu Won goes all girly and reaches with her hand for his, the moment in which Shin pulls his hand to the side, saying he just wanted to carry her backpack. Lee Shin, you Machiavellian being, if I didn’t love you so much, I think I’d hate you!

Kyu Won asks where Shin’s bike is and he answers that he couldn’t take it because she’s hurt. Forget what I said before, Shin dear, okay? Shin and Kyu Won walk next to one another, and being bothered by the fact their hands keep touching, he decides it’s best just to hold hands and be done with it. You know, for comfort’s sake. Now you see what he was doing leaving his bike at home? That’s what I call preemptive thinking.

As he is leaving grandpa’s house, Kyu Won’s dad bumps into Shin’s mother and they decide to get a coffee together. They talk about Shin and Kyu Won and finally figure out that the kids like each other. Kyu Won’s father thinks to himself that maybe he should tell his daughter to like someone else, and when Shin’s mother asks what that is about, he replies that he actually came back to Seoul because of his interest in her. Shin’s mother mentions something about how he should come over for dinner sometimes but then switches to singing Kyu Won’s praises and likening her to her mother, to which the dad only nods in agreement, realizing that his lady not-love had dodged his declaration. Or is it something about the mention of Kyu Won’s mother that made dad react this way? In any case, it’s probably the first time I have heard anyone mention Kyu Won’s mother in any way. I’m not sure what that’s about, but considering that the parents’ relationships have been presented in quite a bit of detail, leaving Kyu Won’s mother out always seemed a little strange. That might be explored in later episodes though. I’m glad the air was cleared about Shin and Kyu Won liking each other and also that dad finally professed his feelings, even if I don’t much like the implications of the latter.

Elsewhere, Shin and Kyu Won get some ice cream together but are spied on by the Scene Stealers. Shin sees them through the store window but when Kyu Won asks him what’s wrong, he doesn’t tell her. The Scene Stealers leave, dismissing what they saw as a neighborly outing instead of a date. I mean, what else would Shin be doing with Kyu Won of all people? Oh, you poor deluded souls. After the girls leave, Shin breathes a sigh of relief and tells Kyu Won he had acted that way because people were watching and that it would be unpleasant if rumors were to spread. You know, Shin, if you are going to keep doing that, you best get acquainted with the dog house. You should probably make some measurements, see what furniture you can fit in there, maybe even a small fridge, because you’ll be staying in it for a very long time. He later tries to explain that it’s not pleasant to have everyone talk about you and that it can get very lonely, but you see, you can’t un-step in it once it’s already on your shoes, so Kyu Won tells him that next time they shouldn’t go out together if he doesn’t like being seen by other people that way.

They leave the ice cream store in pretty bad moods, but Bo Woon shows up and takes Kyu Won away, not giving Shin a chance to explain himself further. STUHHHRIIIKE ONE! The girls walk ahead as Shin follows, frustrated with Bo Woon’s presence. In turn Bo Woon asks what Kyu Won was doing with Shin and if perhaps they had gotten closer during the MT, but Kyu Won denies all “accusations” and eventually they catch up to another friend, giving way to a topic shift. If you think about it, if Shin hadn’t said what he said, Kyu Won could have told Bo Woon that they were dating and he would have been spared some misery. And some unfortunate interruptions. I can’t feel sorry for him however, because I selfishly enjoyed watching him work for a chance to spend time with Kyu Won.

Joon Hee receives some fan-baked cookies just as Hee Joo is passing by. He catches up to her and generously offers them to her. This would be a sweet gesture even if we didn’t know what food means to him but like this, awww tenfold. Unfortunately the sweet gesture is wasted on the Queen of Sour, who motions the offering away, making it land on the ground. She feels a little bad about it but you know, not bad enough to apologize or anything. But we’ll take her saying it’s his fault for coming at her with food when she has to maintain her figure for the show as an apology. Bleh.

The nefarious duo comprised of the Bespectacled Conspirator and the Villainous Ahjumma meet again. Like any self respecting evil doers, they decide that this will be the last time they will meet in public so as to keep people from wising up to their schemes. The drama professor tells Hee Joo’s mother that they should proceed with the plan to slander Suk Hyun but Villainous Ahjumma says that she has something else in mind and that thinking about it, since Hee Joo would go up on stage anyway, it would benefit her more if it was under the direction of a Broadway director. Oh my god, these two, they amuse me to no end. In a sad way, but still. Each is aware of the other’s shortcomings. I mean the drama professor KNOWS Kyu Won is better than Hee Joo and Villainous Ahjumma KNOWS Suk Hyun is a better director than Frustrato-guy. They know the other knows, cause… duh. And still, they support each other, one out of selfish ambition (because at this point I can’t really call it motherly love) and the other to nurse his inferiority complex.

Frustrato-guy then stretches his stalking muscles and lurks around Yoon Soo some, under the pretense of wanting to fill her in on Suk Hyun’s time on Broadway and what allegedly happened there. You know, as any good friend would do. It doesn’t really work on Yoon Soo and she gives the mature reply that neither of them are children and she’s well aware he might have met other people in their six years apart. Of course, logic only seems to motivate this guy more, and he keeps claiming that he doesn’t want Yoon Soo to feel betrayed when she finds out the truth about Suk Hyun. What about what you are doing, oh righteous one? How betrayed would people feel if they knew what you were up to? Yoon Soo replies that it would be okay, since she betrayed Suk Hyun first anyway and then unceremoniously sends the “friendly” informer on his merry way. Oh man, she’s on to you and you keep coming back for more. And you wonder why she chose Suk Hyun. On the other hand, the ballerina is growing on me by the episode. Yep, I never thought it could happen either, but once she stopped casting a wet blanket over everything and everyone within a 5 mile radius of her, it turned out she’s a pretty decent person.

Over at practice, Kyu Won is talking to the girls, completely ignoring Shin. His response, after spending some time staring at her to no avail, is to show off his guitar skills in hopes for some attention. He does get the attention from pretty much everyone that isn’t Kyu Won, who continues to keep her back turned to him. I love that she doesn’t let him off the hook easily, forcing him to resort to new tricks, one more childishly extreme than the other. Suk Hyun walks in and stops Shin’s impromptu recital, poking a little fun at him while he’s at it.

The director tells them that with the show date nearing, it’s time for everyone to up their game. He instructs Kyu Won to join Hee Joo for the practice instead of staying in the back just because she’s the understudy. Hee Joo responds with her usual eye-roll, followed by her ever-preset I-just-ate-a-lemon face. Kyu Won is obviously uncomfortable with this situation and Shin looks at her with a worried look.

After practice, Suk Hyun takes Hee Joo and Kyu Won out for coffee. Kyu Won orders the ice mocha with a mountain of whipped cream on top while Hee Joo orders ice Americano. Hee Joo cringes watching Kyu Won enjoy her tasty beverage, as the director asks her if she wants any sugar in hers and she promptly refuses. Oh, poor girl. When she isn’t being particularly irritating to other people, she really is a sad sight and makes one feel bad for her.

Suk Hyun tells Kyu Won to take example from Hee Joo and the way she takes care of her body (while my mind screams NOOOO! DON’TTTT!!!). Hee Joo tells the director to leave her be, since her chances of being on stage are practically zero. But Kyu Won snaps back saying that since she’s her understudy, she has to work hard, otherwise she would feel bad to have the show ruined because of her. HA! HA! HA! As this exchange goes on, Suk Hyun keeps observing the two. When Hee Joo asks him what he wanted to tell them, he says the two of them had already said it all, and that he had wanted them to fight it out since there was too much tension at rehearsal. Sneaky. Then he proceeds to lecture them about the importance of each and of team work. That they should take care of one another and pray for each other’s good health. Oh director, and you’re supposed to have worked with actresses for a long time now. It’s cute how dense you can be sometimes. Kyu Won and Hee Joo speak kindly to each other as their eyes throw daggers and smile forcedly as Suk Hyun looks at them contently.

Shin waits for Kyu Won after practice and is intercepted by Seo Won (Suk Hyun’s assistant) who asks him if he’s waiting for someone. Shin denies, just as Kyu Won shows up. Seo Won says he’d heard about them working on the ending song together, but she corrects him and says she’s only helping Shin with the traditional music aspects of the piece. As Seo Won leaves, Shin asks Kyu Won if she has time to talk and she tells him to go ahead. He starts talking about the misunderstanding earlier, just as Bo Woon makes her second mistimed/perfectly timed appearance and takes Kyu Won away. STRIIIIIIKE TWO! At first, Shin is annoyed by the constant interruptions, but then comes up with a plan and his face lights up.
The girls ask Kyu Won about having had ice cream with Shin, saying the Scene Stealers had spread the rumour all around school. Fortunately for Kyu Won, they had figured the ice cream was just a neighbor thing (yes, I go out for ice cream with my neighbor all the time, just the two of us) and had let it slide. If they had thought it was more, the girls tell a horrified Kyu Won, they probably would have tried to pull her hair out. They then go into a store and Kyu Won checks out some couple t-shirts. Bo Woon asks why she’s looking at something like that, putting Kyu Won on the spot. She replies she wants to give her grandfather a gift. The girls are confused, since grandpa only wears hanboks, but Kyu Won insists that grandpa is very cool and hip. Aw, I always knew grandpa was a closeted fashionista. Moved by Kyu Won’s accounts of how sweet her grandpa really is, Bo Woon gets the urge to go greet him.

Meanwhile, Shin puts his brilliant plan into action. He shows up on grandpa’s doorstep, claiming an intense thirst of the knowledge only grandpa can impart. A brilliant and valiant plan, I dare say, but by no means bulletproof, as our hero is soon to find out. Oh god, the look on grandpa’s face when he hears Shin is interested in his gugak teachings/life story! I can actually see Shin moving up the son in law list in his mind as he is inviting him in. Shin enters, confident that there is no way Cha Bo Woon, his nemesis for the day will follow Kyu Won there. Grandpa tells Shin that in his youth he looked just like him, and asks if he can see the resemblance. Oh grandpa, you adorable old geezer, do you even have to ask? Who WOULDN’T see the resemblance? Shin endures the boredom and leg cramps with a brand of hopeful stoicism that can only be spawn by love, but when the time comes to receive his reward, guess who follows Kyu Won into the house? Bo Woon, set on greeting grandpa and taking a picture of him wearing the shirt Kyu Won just bought. STUHRAAAAIK THREE!!!

The hilariousness of the situation that follows is hard to describe. Kyu Won trying to explain having bought a pair of couple t-shirts to wear with her hanbok-only wearing grandpa, while her secret boyfriend whom the shirt was secretly intended for is in the room, all the while trying to convince Bo Woon that Shin has a legitimate reason for being there and grandpa that she isn’t crazy had me in stitches. When grandpa finally concedes that since it was a gift, he should try it on and kicks everyone out so he can change, Shin’s leg cramps and he almost falls down. Kyu Won helps him walk and Bo Woon is more and more intrigued by the degree of closeness these two are exhibiting. I would be too, my dear girl, I would be too.

Never mind the nagging suspicions; grandpa comes out sporting the couple tee and looking spiffy, while Shin comes up with a new idea. He asks Bo Woon if she had ever heard grandpa’s story, and when she says she hasn’t, he replies that as a traditional music major, it would be a rare opportunity not to be missed and offers to let her take his place, you know, out of the goodness of his heart. Grandpa asks if he wouldn’t mind not hearing the rest, but Shin assures him that it’s okay since he lives next door and can hear his stories any time. An ecstatic Bo Woon follows grandpa into the living room as a mischievously-smiling Shin closes the door behind her, repeating how fortunate she must be feeling. Kyu Won feels bad for her friend but can’t help being amused by Shin’s misdeeds.

Once outside, Shin quickly says he’s sorry, as if worried someone (Cha Bo Woon) will interrupt them again, but Kyu Won says that it’s okay and that she agrees with keeping the secrecy of their dating since she doesn’t want to have all her hair pulled out. Nothing like a threat on a girl’s hair to put things in perspective. Shin asks if the t-shirt she had bought was for him and she denies fervently. He replies that it’s a relief, since it wasn’t his style anyway. Hah! How much are you willing to bet that you’d have worn it anyway, goofy smile plastered across your face to boot, if you had received it? Guess we’ll never know. Or will we?

They go to a park and Shin shows her the song he’s been writing. The product placement in this scene is hilariously obvious but other than that, the scene is adorable. Shin asks what Kyu Won thinks of the song and she replies that she loves it, saying that she wouldn’t have let him off the hook if it hadn’t been good. Shin asks Kyu Won if she feels bad about only being the understudy, having sensed some weird vibes during practice. Kyu Won puts his mind at ease, saying she never planned on becoming the lead anyway. She confesses that she started participating in the show because of him but that now she enjoys it for the singing, dancing and new experiences. The two continue to listen to music and steal glances at each other, which makes the evil Shin tell Kyu Won to not just look at his face but to listen to the music as well. Pah, once a narcissistic prince, always a narcissistic prince.

Kyu Won returns home just as Bo Woon is about to break down under grandpa’s boredom torture. As Kyu Won escorts her outside, she wonders what she did to Shin to make him push her into something like that. Kyu Won sheepishly replies: “you didn’t enjoy grandpa’s stories?” Oh Kyu Won, you’ve been hanging out with Shin for too long.

The next morning, Shin is waiting in front of Kyu Won’s house, ready to take her to school. He has set up his bike with a little passenger accessory that is just too cute for words. Seeing Shin’s silly smile as he fiddles with the little cushion is utterly adorable. And here I thought Shin WASN’T the couple t-shirt kind of guy. Well, I have to admit he isn’t. He’s on a whole different (higher) level of geekiness. I love it! Kyu Won loves it too, but let’s face it, who wouldn’t? You’d have to be lacking a soul. Okay, maybe Hee Joo wouldn’t.

Once at school, Kyu Won goes in prepared to keep the relationship a secret. At this rate, I’m not sure how this could be possible because short of getting tattoos of each other’s names, they’ve pretty much declared coupledom to whomever was paying even the slightest bit of attention. As any guy will tell you, once you alter your ride to accommodate a particular girl, it’s pretty much game over. Or so I hear, seeing as I am not a guy. Regardless of such trivial details, Shin grabs Kyu Won’s hand, ready to face the masses and make his relationship known to the world. Kyu Won resists at first, fearing for her hair, but Shin’s assuredness reassures her as well, and off they go, to the sound of gaping mouths and breaking hearts. Fans university-wide wail and vow revenge.

Somewhere on campus, an unsuspecting Suk Hyun is working just as Yoon Soo drops by with the news that Shin and Kyu Won are a couple. Suk Hyun is far from pleased, and while he claims it’s because he thinks it will interfere with the show, well, director, do you actually expect us to believe you?

Ki Young is trying to help Hee Joo with her performance, as promised, except it doesn’t seem to be going too well.

Joon Hee comes by and takes her up to the roof, where he had prepared a little picnic for the two of them, complete with low calorie foods that she seems surprised even exist.

All the while, Hee Joo’s mother is planning to bring the sponsors of the show for a preview, in order to once and for all establish Hee Joo as the leading lady. When Suk Hyun hears the news that he’s supposed to put on a preview of his show on zero notice, he feels offended and his first impulse is to refuse, but Yoon Soo convinces him to play along.

In the band’s studio, Shin is teaching Kyu Won to play guitar. I have to say, I’ve been waiting for this to happen ever since I found out they were both musicians, because it’s such a natural and expected thing for him to teach his girlfriend to play guitar, but I can only imagine the experience to be all the more meaningful since they are both so into music, and both into instruments that are at the same time similar and very different. Now I’m not sure Shin is thinking about the deeper meanings of that lesson, or who knows, maybe he was, because he leans in and tries to kiss Kyu Won. But to Shin’s disbelief, Cha Bo Woon completes her impeccable streak of inopportune interruptions by coming to announce that Kyu Won has to take the stage as understudy for a missing Hee Joo.

The cast gets ready for the performance, with Ki Young feeling very anxious about it back in the dressing room. Kyu Won notices he is having a hard time and comforts him, telling him she’ll be out there on stage with him and that they should think about it as rehearsal. A visibly calmer Ki Young leaves the room to give Kyu Won and Shin (who had just entered) some privacy. After Ki Young leaves, Kyu Won has a freak out of her own, telling Shin she had been holding it together for Ki Young’s sake but that she is terrified of performing as well. Shin supportively tells her that he is nervous before performing too, and shares his stage secret with her, looking at the audience and thinking: “you’ve fallen for me”. I love, love, LOVE this for more than one reason. The first one, of course, is Shin and the awesomeness of a boyfriend he is. The other is how beautifully this ties into the title of the drama, because “you’ve fallen for me” isn’t just what a playful narcissistic prince or a spunky gayageum player would say, it’s an artist’s mantra, an expression of that volatile and magical connection between an artist performing his craft and his audience. And that? SO cool.

The showcase is an absolute success, with Ki Young being his impressively talented self and Kyu Won making everyone in the audience (except, of course, the villains) fall for her. I like that the sponsors, excited by Kyu Won’s performance, look at mommy and say that if the understudy is this great, the main actress must be even better. She nods with an expression akin to gulping down a mug ‘o vinegar. Wound, have you met my good friend salt over here?

After the show, the director congratulates Kyu Won and Ki Young for the performance, and when Ki Young says his appearance on stage was to Kyu Won’s credit, Suk Hyun can’t help himself and starts affectionately playing with her hair. This prompts Shin to take Kyu Won by the hand and take her away, in a “She’s my woman now” kind of gesture, not before warning the director that she’s not a child to have her hair played with in that way. The director doesn’t like this one iota, but what can he do in front of such youthful exuberance? I’m curious, director. What WILL you do?

Hee Joo is not quite as fortunate, and receives a consolation slap from mommy. See, lady, I don’t really see what the problem is. I mean, sure, the sponsors got to see an understudy, but as a mother, you do have enough faith in your daughter’s ability not to have to worry about that, right? Right? Oh, never mind then.

In the meanwhile, it appears that Shin’s fans have decided to do something about his recently announced relationship with Kyu Won. The Scene Stealers have even organized a rally of sorts, asking students to vote for or against the new couple. Naturally, Kyu Won is affected by the situation and takes Shin’s amusement as lack of consideration for her situation. Shin realizes eventually (with the help of Kyu Won’s friends) that Kyu Won does have a point and goes to put a stop to the Scene Stealers’ campaign.

As Kyu Won is walking down the hallway lost in thoughts of hair pulling and celebrity dating, she runs into the director, who tells her that if anyone is bothering her, including Shin, she should send them to him, and that she has the special talent of moving people’s hearts, which he can see very clearly. I know I’m shipping Shin and Kyu Won, but I’m having a hard time not swooning right about now. Kyu Won perks up after their discussion and leaves for gayageum practice as the director follows her with his eyes, smiling to himself. Suddenly he realizes he’s feeling something he shouldn’t be, and tries to shake it off, as if thinking to himself “Get a hold of yourself, man, you’re a Broadway director!”

Shin looks for Kyu Won, trying to patch things up and even risks it by going to her house. Grandpa shows up in the doorway and asks him if he’d come to hear more stories. Shin hurriedly replies that he can’t that day because of his part-time job. I have a feeling with all the grandpa dodging he’ll have to do, he’ll be running for (imaginary) employee of the year. The trip is not exactly useless because he does get the information that Kyu Won isn’t home yet from grandpa.

He tries texting her that he’s sorry, but doesn’t bring himself to press send. His sister confronts him about dating Kyu Won, and she’s not pleased when he confirms it, since it imperils her successful autograph business. Eventually she concedes that it’s fine for him to date her, but he must never ever kiss her, since his autographs would devalue too much in such a case. And really, how could anyone put their love lives ahead of their sister’s financial security?

Over at Catharsis, the director, Yoon Soo and the owner whose name I forgot are discussing the effect of Shin’s new relationship on the business. Seriously, who knew that these two getting together would mean the downfall of not one but two flourishing businesses? Suk Hyun tells Shin not to make Kyu Won cry, to which Shin basically tells the director to mind his own business. Wow, easy does it, fellows.

Kyu Won is at home, wondering why she hadn’t heard a thing from Shin since the hallway incident and calling him a fool, when a text arrives, summoning her to Catharsis. She decides to ignore it, but a second text asking her to leave Bo Woon out of it makes her realize that she does want to go after all. I guess she was regretting the studio interruption as well.

Hee Joo is lying on her bed, lost in thought when her mother comes in to tell her that she will take care of Kyu Won and Suk Hyun and get them out of her way. At first she doesn’t say anything but then she replies that she’s grateful to her mother since the two were beginning to bother her. I guess this evening marks Hee Joo’s official transition to the dark side. Careful, Hee Joo, the dark side? They have cookies. And cookies make you fat.

When Kyu Won arrives at Catharsis, the concert is already under way. Shin sees her come in and smiles to her from the stage. As she approaches, he begins singing “Because I miss you” looking right at her. At the end of the song, he motions her to approach the stage and as she does, he kneels down and kisses her. It’s such a cute kiss, if not the most passionate one, but it’s meant more as a declaration to the world than as a purely romantic gesture, and as we all know(since watching Best Love), when it comes to PR, there are a multitude of things you have to keep in mind. Still, I rather loved it because of everything it meant and because, really, could there have been a better way to quell her fears and tell her, I chose you, the rest of the world be damned?

This was such a warm, playful, pretty episode. Satisfying in many ways because there was a lot of story advancement, or rather, a lot of the things we’ve been promised throughout the series have come to fruition. I loved seeing Ki Young and Kyu Won finally interact and sing together on stage, I love that Yoon Soo put the drama professor in his place, I even love that Suk Hyun is starting to realize he has some feelings for Kyu Won and is antagonizing Shin as a result, but most of all, I love Shin and Kyu Won together as well as interacting with their friends. The whole situation with Bo Woon was hilarious and sweet, and it’s this kind of youthful shenanigans that fill my heart with joy whenever I watch this show. This episode was what the heart of the show is all about, that youthful exuberance, that love for music and acting, that friendship, that warmth, that discovery of feelings, that playfulness. This is the place we were hoping to get to all along, and the place we hope for them to always return to, no matter what difficulties lay ahead.


4 responses to “You’ve Fallen for Me Episode 10 Big Recap

  1. Lemon August 8, 2011 at 4:16 pm

    Hi, thanks for this recap! Perfect to end the day 🙂

  2. checkinout August 8, 2011 at 9:30 pm

    Ooo… Love your re-cap as always! Am going to post a link to your blog on soompi again, if you don’t mind. By the way, there was a new user with the name silver.lux on the soompi thread and was wondering if that was you? Hope to see you on the thread, or at least sharing links to your lovely blog!

    I absolutely squealed with you when Shin told Gyuwon to tell the audience “You’ve Fallen For Me”, and for the all the reasons you provided. This also resonated with me at a metal level as I wonder if Yong Hwa says the same thing to himself in real life before his band’s performance – he’s such an adorkable guy normally, but once he’s on stage, he turns into this hot and charismatic performer. Disclaimer: Am a total CNBlue-Yong Hwa fan so please pardon my off-topic fan-girling…

    Will be looking forward to your other posts!

  3. silverlux August 11, 2011 at 1:02 am

    Thank you 😀 I am really glad you like it 😀

    I am a CNBlue fan also, though I am sure in my case it’s more recent than in yours, or at least I assume so. I had listened to their songs before, but it wasn’t until Heartstrings and KyuWon’s cover of I Will Forget You that I became a full fledged fan 😛 Now I have all their albums and hum their songs. Hopefully I’ll get to see them perform sometime 😀 I definitely think he must have some sort of little ritual he does before going on stage, a lot of performers do. It would be really cool if it were saying that phrase to himself, like if that bit of his real self had been used within the drama.

    You’re right about me being that Soompi user 😛 I haven’t really had time to hang out on the forum and post very much since I made the account unfortunately. I have been reading posts there though. I’ll be on leave from work for a couple of weeks soon so maybe that will give me a chance to post more and get acquainted with everyone, at least I hope so anyway. To be honest, I’m a bit shy about promoting my blog, but I will try to once I get a little more free time.:D

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